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Vandoren Alto Sax V16 Reeds Strength 3.5 Box of 10


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A jazz reed engineered for vibrant tone and control.

The Vandoren V16 Alto Saxophone Reeds were created to meet the demands of modern jazz saxophonists seeking a reed that could keep up with contemporary playing styles. Made in France using the highest quality cane, V16 reeds have a thicker heart and longer palette than traditional jazz reeds, producing a resonant tone with outstanding projection and clarity. The thicker tip also provides exceptional control and responsiveness for intricate soloing and improvisation.

Four Strengths For Any Playing Style
V16 reeds are available in four strengths, from 1.5 to 4, allowing saxophonists to choose the perfect reed for their mouthpiece setup and playing style. The softer 1.5 to 2.5 strengths are ideal for jazz soloists seeking a warm, full tone with minimal resistance for fast fingering. The medium hard 3 to 4 strengths provide more focus and edge, suitable for lead players in big bands or funk and fusion saxophonists.

Handmade Quality You Can Trust
Vandoren has been crafting premium reeds in Paris since 1905 and is trusted by students and professionals worldwide for its dedication to quality and consistency. V16 reeds are handmade using the finest cane and Vandoren's time-honored techniques to produce reeds with a vibrant tone, quick response and long-lasting performance. Each reed is closely inspected to ensure it meets Vandoren's high standards before being packaged for sale.

Brilliant Tone For Modern Styles
The thicker heart and longer palette of V16 reeds produce a resonant, brilliant tone that cuts through ensembles and provides clarity and projection. This tone is ideal for contemporary jazz, funk and fusion playing where a vibrant, focused sound is essential. The thicker tip also provides exceptional control for fast fingering and improvisation. Overall, V16 reeds were engineered specifically for the demands of modern jazz saxophone performance.

Experience the vibrant tone and control of Vandoren V16 Alto Saxophone Reeds. Order today.