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Vandoren Alto Saxophone Jazz Reed Sample Pack Strength - 2.5


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The Alto Saxophone Jazz Reed Sample Pack from Vandoren. This four-pack offers saxophonists the opportunity to explore the distinctive tonal characteristics of Vandoren's most acclaimed jazz reed cuts without committing to a full box of any single reed type. Each sealed flow pack contains one reed apiece of Vandoren's venerable Java, Java Red, ZZ, and V16 reeds, renowned for enabling players to coax a broad range of vintage and modern jazz tones from their saxophones. A helpful comparison chart details the reed cuts, differing reed strengths, tip openings, and tonal properties to guide players in selecting their ideal match.

The Refined V16: A Reed for All Seasons
Vandoren's V16 reeds offer a sophisticated tone marrying the warmth of vintage reeds with the clarity of modern designs. Their medium reed strength provide a balanced feel and flexible, multi-dimensional voice as suited to traditional jazz as contemporary genres. For alto players seeking a high-performance reed capable of nuanced expression across diverse musical settings, V16 reeds represent the pinnacle of Vandoren's reed-making art. One V16 reed is included in this sample pack.

The Iconic Java: A Perennial Favorite
Vandoren's original Java Green reed boasts a rich tone with clear highs ideally suited for mainstream and traditional jazz. Its medium-soft reed strength provide a balanced feel and vibrant yet controllable tone across the alto's range. For over 50 years, Java reeds have been a staple of jazz players worldwide thanks to their versatility, quality, and affordability. One Java Green reed is included in this sample pack.

The Robust Java Red: Modern Jazz Incarnate
Java Red reeds produce a bold, powerful tone tailored to contemporary jazz and R&B. Their medium-hard reed strength generate a quick response with gutsy lows, searing highs, and a touch of edge. For a modern alto sound brimming with harmonic richness and projection, Java Red reeds are hard to beat. One Java Red reed is included in this sample pack.

The Nimble ZZ: Bright and Articulate
ZZ reeds are geared toward players seeking an depth of tone with rapid response. Their medium-soft reed strength facilitates swift keywork and a brilliant, penetrating timbre. ZZ reeds shine in any musical context calling for an alto saxophone capable of cleanly executing intricate melodic lines. One ZZ reed is included in this sample pack.