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Vandoren Baritone Saxophone Reeds Strength 3 Box of 5


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Among the most popular reeds in the world.

Vandoren Traditional Baritone Saxophone Reeds deliver a rich, warm tone and responsive feel for baritone sax players. Made of high-quality cane and available in six strengths, these reeds produce a clear yet full sound thanks to an exceedingly thin tip and dense spine. Individually tested and durable yet flexible, Vandoren reeds are trusted by students and professionals alike to suit any musical style. For over a century, Vandoren has crafted premium woodwind reeds used by musicians worldwide. Experience the difference with Vandoren Traditional Baritone Saxophone Reeds.

The thin tip of Vandoren Traditional Baritone Saxophone Reeds maximizes vibrations for a vibrant tone with a touch of darkness. Their dense, even cut further enhances resonance for a sound that projects while remaining full and rich. The result is a pure, powerful tone suited for any genre from classical to jazz.

Available in six strengths from 2 to 4.5, Vandoren Traditional Baritone Saxophone Reeds offer a size for any player. Their precisely graduated scale lets musicians find the ideal reed based on airflow, embouchure strength, and tonal preference. Vandoren's exacting quality standards mean each reed strength delivers a consistent, high-performance experience.

Individually tested, Vandoren Traditional Baritone Saxophone Reeds feature premium cane hand-selected for ideal moisture content, cut, and grain angle. The result is a reed that is durable yet responsive, with just the right balance of resistance and flexibility for smooth playability over extended periods. An exceptional reed that lasts, Vandoren Traditional Baritone Saxophone Reeds minimize the need for time-consuming reed adjustments before playing.

For over 100 years, musicians worldwide have relied on Vandoren reeds for every performance. Their superior construction and tone have made Vandoren the most widely played reeds, cementing their reputation as an industry leader. Experience the Vandoren difference with their Traditional Baritone Saxophone Reeds.


  • Made of high-quality cane
  • Available in six strengths
  • Made to produce a warm, rich tone
  • Box of 5 reeds
  • Individually tested
  • Long lasting
  • Durable yet responsive