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Vandoren BD5 Black Diamond Ebonite Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Standard


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Excellent bass clarinet mouthpiece for doublers.

The BD5 Black Diamond Ebonite Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece from Vandoren offers bass clarinetists a bold new way to explore the sonic depths of their instrument. Crafted from premium ebonite, this innovative mouthpiece produces a dark, resonant tone that projects with power and clarity. Its design allows bass clarinetists to achieve a responsive, full sound with less air. Since 1905, Vandoren has been the mouthpiece of choice for discerning woodwind players around the globe. The Black Diamond series delivers a lush timbre and superb playability for jazz, classical, and symphonic applications alike.

Molded from high-quality ebonite, the BD5 mouthpiece provides a warm, resonant tone with rich overtones. Ebonite is valued for its durability, stability, and tonal properties. This premium mouthpiece material helps the BD5 produce a clear, articulate sound across all registers of the bass clarinet.

The BD5 features an innovative shape that allows bass clarinetists to achieve an embouchure comparable to the Bb clarinet. This familiar feel opens up new possibilities for expression and technique on the bass clarinet. Players can smoothly transition between clarinets with minimal adjustments to their embouchure, enabling greater versatility.

Designed for symphonic, jazz, and classical playing, the BD5 mouthpiece delivers a bold, resonant tone. Its dark timbre is rich in overtones, with a husky quality in the lower register and a creamy smoothness up high. This lush sonic palette cuts through an ensemble with ease, allowing the bass clarinet to be heard.

For over a century, Vandoren has produced premium mouthpieces and reeds for discerning clarinetists, saxophonists, and other woodwind instrumentalists. Their innovative designs and high-quality materials have made Vandoren a trusted brand for educators and professionals worldwide. Experience the difference with the Vandoren BD5 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece.