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Vandoren Contra-Alto/Contrabass Clarinet Reeds Strength 4 Box of 5


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Vandoren Traditional Contrabass Clarinet Reeds are the reeds of choice for discerning clarinetists seeking a bold, resonant tone when playing the lowest members of the clarinet family. For over a century, Vandoren has crafted premium woodwind reeds renowned for their responsiveness, durability and tone. Their contra-alto / contrabass clarinet reeds produce a sound of remarkable depth and clarity across the instrument's vast range. An ideal reed for both anyone performing on these specialized instruments, Vandoren's contra reeds are tailored to suit any style or skill level.

Superior Construction and Tone
Talk to any clarinet or sax player, and odds are at some point in their career, they or one of their colleagues relied on Vandoren reeds for every performance. Vandoren Traditional Contra-Alto / Contrabass Clarinet Reeds are found in instrument cases everywhere, with over 100 years of high-quality reed making solidifying their place as a superior woodwind reed.

Unparalleled Responsiveness and Control
Vandoren Traditional reeds deliver incredible results across the instrument's full range allowing for intricate, articulate playing with a highly responsive attack. They also lend exceptional depth to your playing, producing a fuller, clearer sound than comparable reeds with a flexibility that allows for legato and staccato playing of large intervals.

An Indispensable Accessory
For contra players seeking a reed that can keep up with their instrument's demands, Vandoren Traditional Contrabass Clarinet Reeds are an indispensable accessory. Experience their unparalleled projection, timbre and playability for yourself.