Combines the lightweight construction with highly efficient tightening.

Vandoren's M/O Series Saxophone Ligature combines the lightweight construction of the legendary Masters ligature with the highly efficient tightening of the OPTIMUM ligature to allow optimum vibration of the reed and a crisp articulation. The M/O ligature is designed to deliver a tone that is both classic and contemporary. Much like the Masters ligature, M/O ligatures are lightweight for an almost unnoticeable feel and no unwanted pressure on points across the reed. In contrast to the commonly used 2-screw method for securing ligatures to a mouthpiece, M/O ligatures boast a single screw with two contact points — providing even pressure across the reed for consistent tone.

Unmatched Comfort and Responsiveness
The M/O ligature's lightweight yet durable construction provides a comfortable fit with minimal interference, allowing saxophonists to focus on their craft. Its innovative single-screw, dual-contact design applies balanced pressure across the reed, enabling a quick response and full, resonant tone across all registers of the instrument.

Versatile and Adjustable
The M/O ligature comes with multiple reed plates to suit a variety of mouthpiece and reed combinations. Woodwind specialists appreciate how simple the M/O ligature is to adjust for an optimized setup. A few turns of the screw is all it takes to make minor tweaks for the perfect seal and sound.

Road-Ready and Built to Last
Designed with professional musicians in mind, the M/O ligature is rugged yet lightweight, ready to withstand the rigors of touring and everyday use. Its high-quality components provide durability and prevent the loosening or rattling that can occur with inferior ligatures. Musicians can rely on the M/O ligature to deliver consistent performance after performance.

Vandoren Quality and Heritage
For over a century, Vandoren has been the mouthpiece and reed brand of choice for discerning woodwind players around the world. Vandoren products are hallmarks of craftsmanship, quality and tone. The M/O ligature upholds this tradition of excellence for unparalleled performance and value.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Quick and symmetrical tightening with a unique double-track screw mechanism
  • Two small contact points only on the reed with an inverted tightening