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Vandoren Tenor Sax V16 Reeds Strength 4 Box of 5


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Premium reeds delivering a bold, contemporary tone.

The Vandoren V16 Tenor Saxophone Reeds are designed for discerning players seeking a powerful, cutting-edge sound. Made from the highest quality cane, V16 reeds have a thicker heart and tip along with an extended palette to produce a deep, focused tone with percussive brilliance. Especially suited for jazz and modern styles, V16 reeds allow you to push the boundaries of contemporary saxophone performance.

Premium Cane Construction Provides a Robust Tone
Vandoren V16 reeds are crafted from premium cane selected for its density and resilience. This premium cane, combined with Vandoren's time-honored reed making process, results in reeds with a thicker heart and tip able to handle greater volume and projection. The extended palette further enhances tonal clarity and focus across all registers of the tenor saxophone.

Multiple Strengths For Any Playing Level
Vandoren offers V16 reeds in multiple strengths, from 2 to 5, to accommodate tenor saxophonists of any playing level. So whether you're a budding student or seasoned professional, you'll find V16 reeds able to keep up with your technique and tonal demands. The reed strength also allows you to customize your setup for different musical situations. For example, use a softer reed for a warm, rounded tone in a jazz combo or a harder reed when you need to cut through a loud band or ensemble.

Ideal For Contemporary and Jazz Styles
With their bold, focused tone and ability to handle high volume, Vandoren V16 reeds are perfect for contemporary styles like jazz, funk and R&B. Their power and projection also make them a great choice if you perform in a loud band or ensemble. V16 reeds can help you achieve an edgy, modern sound that pushes the boundaries of traditional tenor saxophone performance.

Consistent Quality and Performance
As with all Vandoren products, V16 reeds are made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality control. Vandoren's time-tested reed making process results in reeds with consistent responsiveness, tone and longevity. You can count on V16 reeds to deliver the same powerful, cutting-edge sound with every reed, performance after performance.

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