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Vandoren Traditional Bb Clarinet Reeds Strength 3.5 Box of 10


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For over a century Vandoren has crafted the finest of woodwind reeds. Vandoren Traditional Bb Clarinet Reeds are no exception, delivering a richness of tone, flexibility and durability that has made them the most popular reeds for clarinetists of all levels. These precision-cut reeds suit every musical style and are designed to bring out the absolute best in your clarinet's sound.

Hand-Selected, Premium-Grade Cane
Vandoren uses only the highest quality cane to produce reeds with a beautiful tone and quick response. Each reed is individually cut and tested to ensure superior performance, intonation and longevity. The cane is aged for at least two years before being cut to exacting standards, allowing the reeds to last four to six weeks with proper care.

A Strength for Every Player
Vandoren Traditional Bb Clarinet Reeds are available in 13 strengths, from 1.5 for beginners to 5 for professionals, so you can find the perfect reed to match your embouchure and experience level. The most popular strengths, 2.5 and 3, offer a rich, centered tone that works well for classical and jazz playing. Higher strengths provide more projection and control for advanced techniques.

Sealed for Freshness
Each reed comes individually packed in an airtight flow pack to lock in moisture and prevent warping before you open it. This careful packaging, combined with Vandoren's meticulous quality control standards, ensures that every reed delivers peak performance straight out of the box.

A Legacy of Excellence
For over 100 years, Vandoren has produced the world's finest woodwind reeds. Played by students and professionals alike, Vandoren reeds are renowned for their rich tone, quick response and longevity. Made in France using traditional methods passed down through generations, Vandoren reeds embody a passion for music and unparalleled dedication to quality.


  • Made of premium cane for rich tone and response
  • Designed for Bb soprano clarinets
  • Strengths from 1.5 to 5 available for different playing levels
  • Pre-tested and sealed in flow pack to ensure freshness
  • Precision cut for accurate intonation and quick response
  • Made to exacting standards for consistent quality and performance
  • Individually inspected