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Warm Audio WA-19 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone Black


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A dynamic microphone blending vintage tone with modern clarity.

The Warm Audio WA-19 dynamic cardioid mic revives a beloved studio microphone from the 1960s. Faithfully recreating the original, Warm Audio designed this mic to deliver a unique combination of dynamic functionality and condenser-like clarity. With its hand-assembled cardioid humbucking capsule, the WA-19 provides the critical noise rejection and reduced proximity effect of a dynamic mic but with added airiness, richness and detail.

Craft Your Tone With the High-Pass Filter

Unlike typical preamp filters that can induce phase shift, the WA-19's variable acoustic high-pass filter cuts up to 10dB at 50Hz to tighten up your tone without unwanted side effects. The filter lets you remove boomy bass and add emphasis to the upper mids. Combined with the ventilated slots in the mic's body that reduce proximity effect, you have full control over the low end.

Place It Anywhere for Optimal Sound

The WA-19's pencil-thin body allows for placement even in cramped, crowded studio settings. With its humbucking coil providing elite off-axis rejection, you can position the mic close to sources like an acoustic guitar and vocals simultaneously without bleed. The WA-19 also excels at capturing a full drum kit, with minimal noise when miking the snare bottom. No matter the application, the WA-19 delivers optimal sound.

Meticulously Hand-Tested

Like all Warm Audio gear, the WA-19 is hand-tested and inspected by trained technicians in Austin, Texas. Their passion for music and audio excellence results in a mic that is ready to help you make studio magic right out of the box. Whether you're aiming to recreate vintage '60s tone or forge your own modern sound, the Warm Audio WA-19 is a studio dynamic microphone that delivers. With its blend of dynamic functionality and condenser-like character, high-pass filter, placement versatility and hand-testing, the WA-19 is an innovative take on a classic mic design ideal for any serious musician or engineer.


  • Dynamic cardioid studio microphone with variable 50Hz high-pass filter
  • Hand-assembled humbucking capsule for noise rejection and clarity
  • 145dB max SPL and 30Hz–18kHz frequency response
  • Nickel or black finish, 6" length, 1.4" diameter, 0.5 lb.