Woodwind Straps & Supports

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About Woodwind Straps & Supports

Playing a woodwind instrument can be a physically demanding task and not all instruments are easily held with only a player's bare hands. Many performances require the use of woodwind straps and supports to assist with managing the instrument's weight and bulk especially for larger woodwinds like baritone saxophones and bassoons. Examples include body harnesses that distribute weight to the shoulders and waist and seat straps that hang from the musician's chair. There are many styles to choose from allowing each player to find the best fit for his or her body and instrument.

Products like saxophone straps bassoon seat straps and saxophone harnesses are not the only type of woodwind support available to players - for instruments of any size thumbrests and cushions are common additions to ease fatigue on the fingers. Many of these are offered by the same brands that make larger-scale straps and supports including BG Protec Giardinelli Neotech and Rico among others. A good complement of these accessories will not only make an instrument more comfortable to play; it can also provide a variety of benefits including improved player posture and a lower risk of damage to the instrument.