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Xvive P1 Portal Phantom Power Supply Standard


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48 volts of portable phantom power.

The Xvive P1 Portal Phantom Power Supplies are a line of low noise, 12- and 48-volt power supplies. It runs on rechargeable battery and has enough power to run high current microphones. The P1 allows you to use your devices and microphones that require exter- nal power in any set up. The small size, light-weight, rugged construction and very low noise make them perfect for powering microphones feeding DAT machines, radio mics, tape machines, and mixing panels. Long battery life and a bright LED battery indicator ensure that the microphone is properly powered during your recording session.
  • 2200mA/3.7V ( LI-ion Battery)
  • 3.3V~4.2V
  • 40~155mA
Battery Life
    14~40hoursBattery Charger time
    • 2.5~3hours
    • 48V
    • 12V
    • To 12mA(direct short)
    • To 16mA(direct short)
    • 105*40*35mm


    • Full 48V of Phantom Power, sometimes the phantom power being supplied is inadequate as well, with the P1, you will always get a clean full 48V of phantom power for the best sound and noise free performance
    • Rechargeable battery runs o a rechargeable battery for portability freedom from ground loop issues and independence from AC Power
    • Low noise well-regulated electronics and precision resistors are used to satisfy the most demanding Digital requirements
    • Transparent and noise free operation
    • Small footprint P1 is guitar pedal sized with rubber feet to organize easily with pedal boards
    • All metal and rugged enough
    • Low battery indicated by a steady glow of the LED