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Yamaha 7000 Series Intermediate Concert Bass Drum 32 x 16 in. 12 one-piece lugs


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Improved design takes this Yamaha concert bass drum to a high levels of performance.

Yamaha's 7000 Series Intermediate Concert Bass Drum is engineered to provide developing percussionists with a thunderous yet nuanced sound. The 7000 Series bass drum features a 6-ply birch shell and Remo Nuskyn drumheads that supply fantastic projection and tuning precision. With a versatile tonal range, sturdy hardware, and a protective cover, the 7000 Series bass drum empowers percussionists to achieve vivid and articulate playing.

The 7000 Series Concert Bass Drum's 6-ply birch shell provides resonant, full-bodied tones with strong projection. Paired with responsive Remo Nuskyn drumheads, this shell enables precise tuning and dynamic control. Percussionists can achieve tones ranging from deep, rumbling sounds to sharp, staccato notes.

With 12 one-piece lugs and sturdy tuning brackets, the 7000 Series Concert Bass Drum ensures stable tuning and long-lasting performance. An included tilting stand with locking casters provides a secure platform during rehearsals and performances.

Yamaha is renowned for crafting high-quality musical instruments using innovative designs and premium materials. The 7000 Series Concert Bass Drum upholds this reputation with a birch shell, Remo drumheads, and rugged hardware built to withstand the demands of repetitive playing and transport between rehearsals and performances.


  • 6-Ply birch shell
  • 10-Ply birch/mahogany
  • High-tension lug casings
  • Darkwood stain finish
  • Remo Nuskyn head
  • Stand sold separately