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Yamaha Synthetic Clarinet Reed Sample Pack; 3.0-3.5 Standard


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Synthetic reed pack for clarinet.

This pack of Yamaha synthetic reeds are designed for use with your clarinet. Normal cane reeds need special care and handling, which can be frustrating and time consuming, but Yamaha synthetic reeds are ready to play right out of the package, so even a beginner can make a great sound. Yamaha synthetic reeds are also very durable and long-lasting. A single reed can be played for many months without becoming weak or losing tone, so no more worrying about whether your reed is still good. These reeds are designed to have a very natural feel and response, producing your best sound across the instrument’s full range. Like traditional reeds, Yamaha synthetic reeds come in different strengths using the same numbering system that you already know. Whether you’re a beginner using a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, or a seasoned player using your favorite mouthpiece from a different brand, you can easily find the right reed for your specific mouthpiece, skill, and playing style with this synthetic reed pack.