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Yamaha Yamaha Synthetic Clarinet Reed 2.5


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Synthetic clarinet reeds, ready to play right away.

Yamaha designed these synthetic clarinet reeds so that even a beginner will find them easy to play with a good sound, and with an appearance and texture similar to natural cane. These synthetic reeds have been tested for over 320 hours of playing time, equivalent to 8 months of real-world use. Even after this extended time, there was no detectable change in stiffness or shape. With such a long lifespan, you’ll ultimately buy fewer reeds and spend less money. Unlike natural cane reeds that must be broken in and wetted with saliva or water before playing, Yamaha synthetic reeds are ready to play right out of the package with no seasoning or wetting needed. This makes them perfect for all sorts of situations where keeping your reed wet is difficult, like marching band, cold weather or for doublers playing multiple instruments.