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Yamaha YFL-362 Intermediate Flute Offset G C-Foot


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Better student instrument with a particularly sweet tone.

The YFL-362H intermediate concert flute from Yamaha is an impressive instrument for passionate players ready to advance their skills. Based on Yamaha's professional line, this nickel silver flute generates a light, resonant tone from its sterling silver headjoint and pointed key arms that respond intuitively to a musician's nuanced playing technique. The offset G key system, modeled after the CY cut, provides just the right amount of resistance for control and tonal clarity. Several additions for progressing flutists include ultra-smooth adjustment screws, footjoint alignment marks for proper assembly, and an intermediate style headjoint. Whether performing on stage or recording in the studio, the YFL-362H delivers a satisfying sonic character and elegant playability, making it a superior step-up flute for dedicated flutists.

Impeccably Crafted with a Focused Tone
The YFL-362H derives its pure, focused tone from high-quality components, including a sterling silver headjoint, nickel silver body and foot joint, and a silver-plated finish. Yamaha's intermediate flute features an offset G key system with French style ring keys for comfortable hand positioning and seamless transitions between notes. The pointed key arms provide a light, quick response, allowing flutists to achieve a clean articulation and subtle tonal variations.

Versatile Features for Developing Skills
The YFL-362H includes several features to aid flutists in advancing their technique. Ultra-smooth adjustment screws allow for precision tuning, while footjoint alignment marks ensure proper assembly for the best tone and intonation. An intermediate style headjoint, modeled after the CY cut, offers just the right amount of resistance to help flutists strengthen their embouchure and breath control. Open-hole and inline key options, as well as multiple footjoint choices, provide versatility for flutists refining their skills.

Premium Case and Accessories
Yamaha includes a durable nylon case to protect the YFL-362H flute. The case cover, cleaning rod, and cleaning cloth allow flutists to properly maintain their instrument.


  • Open-hole model
  • Sterling silver or gold lip-plate options
  • Nickel silver body and footjoint
  • Silver-plated finish
  • Offset or Inline options
  • Footjoint options
  • Pointed key arms
  • Yamaha intermediate flute case and case cover
  • Cleaning products