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Yamaha YSS-875EX Custom EX Soprano Saxophone Lacquer with High G


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Fresh design features for unsurpassed excellence.

Yamaha's flagship YSS-875EX Custom EX soprano saxophone represents the pinnacle of expressiveness and masterful craft. Developed in collaboration with renowned saxophonists, the YSS-875EX incorporates evolutionary changes that yield an instrument able to convey the subtlest nuances of your playing. This soprano saxophone includes front F and high F# keys, and two neck styles to suit your preferences. The hand-engraved one-piece bell produces a rich, resonant tone that sings uniformly in all ranges with a sweet, harmonically lush quality. Precision-engineered ergonomics, including tapered pivot screws and adjustable thumb rest, enable effortless keywork and optimal hand position. Blue steel springs and Pisoni pads provide quick response and an airtight seal for a broad dynamic range. If you seek a world-class professional soprano to unleash your full artistic potential, the YSS-875EX is in a class by itself.

The YSS-875EX includes both straight and curved necks so you can choose the one that feels most natural and suits your playing style. The curved neck facilitates an embouchure and hand position familiar to clarinetists, while the straight neck accommodates a more typical saxophone approach. Swapping necks to best fit the demands of a piece or your preferences takes just seconds, thanks to a locking mechanism that ensures perfect alignment.

A lower vent tube, revised key post rib plate, and ergonomic key design maximize resonance and playability. An adjustable thumb rest enables you to customize the YSS-875EX to your comfort. The hand-engraved bell, blue steel springs, and Pisoni pads reflect the highest quality components and craft. The YSS-875EX is also available with a high G# key for an extended range. Simply put, every detail of the YSS-875EX is aimed at empowering your most inspired and emotive performances.

  • Key of Bb
  • G2 detachable neck system with straight and curved necks
  • French brass neck
  • French brass 1-piece body
  • French brass bell
  • Yellow brass keys
  • Mother-of-pearl key buttons
  • Drawn tone holes
  • Front F and high F# auxiliary keys
  • Yamaha 4CM mouthpiece
  • Yellow brass mouthpiece cap
  • Yellow brass ligature
  • Blue steel needle springs
  • Waterproof leather and wool felt pads with plastic tone boosters
  • Ribbed and flanged mounting


  • High F# and front F keys
  • Tapered pivot screws for smooth keywork
  • Blue steel springs for quick key response
  • Adjustable thumb rest for optimal hand position
  • Pisoni pads for superior seal and tone
  • Hand-engraved bell
  • One-piece bell for rich, resonant sound
  • Availble high G# for extended range
  • Availble in Gold Lacquer finish or Silver plated
  • Includes both a straight and a curved neck