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Zoom iQ7 MS Stereo Microphone for iOS Standard


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Mid-side stereo condenser mic for iOS devices.

When you're ready to take your iOS audio to the next level, plug in a Zoom iQ7. This compact yet full-featured mid-side stereo condenser mic is perfect for capturing music as well as video with outstanding audio. With the iQ7, you can create great-sounding recordings on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch any time, any place.

Create and Innovate
Connect an iQ7 to your iOS device and prepare to make your mark on the world. Craft audio that makes a difference. Move from bystander to creator.

Comprehensive Control
The iQ7 offers advanced features that allow you to create extraordinary stereo recordings every time. A large front-facing MIC GAIN knob allows you to easily set the optimum input level, and three-segment level LED level meters ensure clean, crisp sound with no signal overload.
In addition, a dedicated headphone jack-which doubles as a line output-allows you to monitor your audio during both recording and playback.

Perfect Left-Right Every Time
The iQ7's rotating mechanism ensures correct left-right stereo orientation whether you're creating audio-only recordings or capturing audio for your video.

Mid-Side Recording
Mid-side is an advanced recording technique that allows the width of the stereo image to be varied, even in post-production. The two microphone elements in the iQ7 include a directional "mid" mic that captures signal coming from directly in front of your iOS device, and a bidirectional "side" mic that captures the audio coming from both sides.

A three-way switch allows you to select between 90 (to focus on sounds coming from the center) and 120 (for a wider image that includes ambience and room signal). A third setting, labeled "M-S," enables you record the audio "raw" and adjust its stereo width afterwards, using Zoom's free downloadable Handy Recorder iOS app.

Extended Compatibility
The iQ7 works with all Lightning-equipped iOS devices. It comes with an extended Lightning connector and a removable spacer for compatibility with most iPhone, iPad and iPod cases. Leave your case on and start recording.
* Some cases might prevent connection even when the case adjuster is removed.

The Zoom Handy Recorder App
Zoom's free Handy Recorder app, available from the iTunes App Store, adds a wealth of audio tools to your iOS device. Overdub to the stereo recordings created with your iQ7. Perform fine editing functions in its waveform display. Save your files in either linear PCM or AAC file formats. Apply onboard effects such as compression, EQ and reverb to further enhance the sound. Handy Recorder even allows you to email the audio you create and to upload it to SoundCloud for sharing with the world.

Amplify Your Creativity
The iQ7 is compatible with most iOS apps that support input from an external microphone, including Apple's Voice Memo and Garageband, as well as other popular music recording, voice recognition and streaming apps. Apps that provide support for multiple sampling rates-such as Handy Recorder-work great too, allowing you to choose between 44.1 and 48kHz recording for optimum audio quality.
  • Microphone Mid-Side (M-S) stereo mic (90/120/M-S)
  • Maximum input sound pressure 120dB SPL
  • Input gain +3 to + 43dB
  • Audio quality 44.1kHz/16bit, 48kHz/16bit
  • Power Powered by the connected device
  • Connector Lightning connector
  • Stereo mini jack (combined headphone/line level output)
  • Dimensions 54.5(W) x 57.2(D) x 26.5(H)mm
  • Weight 31.8g
  • Compatible devices iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina display
  • Supported OS iOS 6.0 or newer
  • Included Accessories iQ7 MS Stereo Microphone
  • Operation Manual
  • Foam Windscreen
  • Optional Accessory Hairy Windscreen (WSU-1)


  • Full-featured mid-side stereo condenser mic
  • Works with all Lightning-equipped iOS devices
  • Great-sounding recordings on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Large front-facing MIC GAIN knob
  • Dedicated headphone jack”which doubles as a line output
  • Rotating mechanism ensures correct left-right stereo orientation
  • Three-way switch allows you to select between 90 and 120
  • Includes Zoom's free Handy Recorder app

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm