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About iOS Devices

Created by Apple Inc. iOS is a mobile operating system specifically for Apple hardware that currently powers most of the company's mobile tools including the iPad iPhone and iPod touch. Thanks to the many technological advancements made in musical instruments and pro audio gear a wide range of easy-to-use plug-and-play solutions are now available that can be connected to Apple's handheld devices. Paired with the right iOS device something as simple as an iPad can replace an entire rack of analog sound gear for the purpose of controlling the sound of a live performance. There are even MIDI interfaces and keyboard controllers that can be matched with your Apple devices to turn them into fully-operating virtual recording studios.

DJs have also benefitted greatly from the digital revolution: iOS DJ gear includes everything from audio interfaces to intuitive turntable systems. Even musicians who want to integrate their iPad into rehearsals and live performances can do so effortlessly with the help of an iOS dock or speaker system. In fact today's selection of iOS microphones allows performers to turn their iPhone or iPad into a portable recording device. iOS digital microphones include everything from vintage-style large-diaphragm condenser mics to lavaliers for Smartphones. In addition to instruments and audio equipment there are plenty of iOS accessories on today's music market as well. Tablet holders iPad stands wireless foot pedal controls and dock bags are all designed to make the music-making experience even more enjoyable. Top selling iOS device brands include IK, Multimedia, AirTurn, Focusrite, and Alesis.