Alto Flutes

The alto flute is a common woodwind instrument often played in Western concert music. While the “regular’ C flute is more popular, especially with beginners and K-12 students, the alto flute has a deeper range and more powerful tone. Compared to a C flute, alto flutes are longer, heavier, and tend to be made of thicker metal. They also require more breath to play.

Flutes are among the oldest instruments in history. Part of the woodwind family, alto flutes are played like all other types of flutes, by blowing into the mouthpiece and creating different tones by constricting the flow of air with keys. However, unlike clarinets, flutes do not use reeds. This results in an expressive, airy, gentle sound that’s popular in classical music.

Whether you already play C flute and you’re ready to expand your woodwind repertoire, or you’re taking music lessons for the very first time, the alto flute is a great choice for students of all ages.

Alto flutes are pitched to the key of G, offering a range from G3 to G6. They’re usually made from nickel, silver-plated brass, or silver. Like all flutes, alto flutes have three main parts: the headjoint (which contains the mouthpiece), the body, and the foot joint. However, alto flutes often have a unique curved headjoint.

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