Brass Replacement Parts

About Brass Replacement Parts

Brass instruments are composed of many different components - and while some of these parts are more essential than others they all need to function properly in order for a player to make the most of their skills. For this reason most musicians will have to make occasional repairs or adjustments to their instrument in order to maintain its playability and sound quality. Thankfully brass instrumentalists will have no problem finding brass replacement parts on today's music market. Top brands like Bach, Jupiter, Getzen, and many more specialize in brass replacement parts like trumpet tuning slides and finger buttons sousaphone necks and tuning bits trombone counterweights and string for French horns.

While the odd home repair to a brass instrument is inevitable there are certain precautions one can take to avoid making frequent part replacements. For example make sure all the latches on a case are closed so the instrument doesn't fall out. Also remember to never stand an instrument on its bell; always put the brass instrument down with the valve side facing up. Lastly when the mouthpiece is removed for a cleaning (with a mouthpiece brush and gentle liquid soap) twist it out softly and counter-clockwise; when inserting the mouthpiece back in do it gently so it doesn't get stuck. If a mouthpiece gets stuck have a repair tech take care of the issue. In fact one needs to be careful doing any home repair to a brass instrument and it's always in a musician's best interest to bring it to a repair shop for installing new replacement parts.