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About Concert Hand & Mounted Percussion

Many different hand and mounted percussion instruments are used in orchestras and concert bands and each complement the music in their own unique way. A common concert hand and mounted percussion instrument is the tambourine. Featuring a wood (or plastic) frame and typically a drumhead tambourines contain metal jingles called "zils" and have been incorporated into many western orchestra percussion sections since the late 18th century (Mozart was an early western composer who used tambourines in his compositions). Blocks are another popular concert hand percussion instrument; usually wooden and rectangular or cylindrical in shape blocks are often mounted on a clamp and fixed to the top of a bass drum.

The bright jingly sound of bells are also typical in concert bands and orchestras. Sleigh bells are very easy to come by on today's music market and are available in a wide range of configurations. Perhaps one of the most challenging concert hand and mounted percussion instruments is the triangle -they've been used in the western classical orchestra since the 18th century by the likes of Haydn and Beethoven. Triangles are made of metal and have one corner left open which causes the instrument to have no definite pitch. Usually triangles are suspended by a gut or nylon loop and played with a steel rod. While simple in appearance triangles have many intricacies and they can take years to master. Concert hand and mounted percussion instruments like tambourines blocks bells and triangles are designed by many respected drum and percussion manufacturers includingLP, Ludwig, andGrover.