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D'Addario EJ27N Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings Standard


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Strings that inspire musical growth.

The D'Addario EJ27N Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings are designed for beginners and students looking to develop their craft. This set provides a warm, balanced tone thanks to three clear nylon treble strings and three silver-plated copper wound bass strings. With their normal tension, these strings are comfortable to press and pluck, allowing you to focus on technique and expression. Since 1905, D'Addario has been crafting high-quality strings and these deliver the durability and longevity the brand is known for.

Inspiring Sound
The blend of nylon treble strings and copper bass strings produces a tone that is both warm and projecting. This combination helps each note ring out clearly and fully so you can appreciate the nuances in your playing. The normal tension also provides enough slackness to make fretting and string bends comfortable while still producing a lively tone. Overall, the balanced, resonant sound of these strings will inspire you to keep practicing and improving.

Built to Last
D'Addario strings are renowned for their longevity and these classical guitar strings are no exception. The high-quality materials and meticulous construction methods D'Addario employs result in strings that maintain tone and playability for a long time. You won't need to replace these strings often, allowing you to spend more time making music and less time restringing your instrument. The durable strings also hold up well to regular use and the elements, giving you confidence in their performance.

Trusted by Musicians for Generations
For over 300 years, D'Addario has been producing premium strings for all instruments. Their dedication to innovation and craftsmanship has made them the world's largest string manufacturer and earned them a reputation as "The Players' Choice. These normal tension nylon strings uphold the D'Addario tradition of quality, carrying on a legacy that has served generations of musicians. You can rely on D'Addario to provide strings that enable your best playing.

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Gauges: 28-32-40-29-35-43