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D'Addario Prelude Series Viola String Set 15-16 Medium Scale


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Designed for beginning players, these strings are ideal for Piezo and magnetic pickups.

The D'Addario Prelude Viola String Set provides aspiring violists with a superb gateway into the world of orchestral strings. Featuring a solid steel core and balanced tension for peerless playability, these viola strings yield a surprisingly warm tone for their affordability. Unaffected by temperature and humidity fluctuations, they boast unparalleled longevity and bow response for strings in their price range.

Solid Steel Core Creates a Warm, Resilient Sound
The D'Addario Prelude Viola String Set is built on a solid steel core that produces a warm, resonant tone while maintaining pitch stability and durability. Though steel core strings are typically associated with a brighter sound, D'Addario's state-of-the-art manufacturing process results in a mellow timbre more akin to gut or synthetic core strings. This combination of warmth and resilience makes the Prelude Viola String Set an ideal choice for students and educators on a budget.

Balanced Tension Promotes Fluid Playability
D'Addario engineered the Prelude Viola String Set with balanced tension to maximize playability, especially for developing violists. These strings offer just enough resistance for a comfortable, familiar feel while still being pliable enough for precise fingering and an articulate bow response. This configuration helps new players build proper technique and confidence as they explore the instrument.