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D'Addario XS Plain Steel Singles 0.018


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Craft your ideal string set with D'Addario's XS Plain Steel Singles.

The XS Plain Steel single strings from D'Addario give you the freedom to hand pick each string and customize your guitar's voice. Made in the USA, these round wound strings are built using high carbon steel for a bright, crisp tone with plenty of definition. Their corrosion resistant wrap wire allows the strings to retain clarity and prevent dulling over time. D'Addario precision winds each string using advanced computer controlled technology to ensure consistency and quality. As part of the XS series, these singles are designed to withstand aggressive playing while staying in tune and maintaining intonation. Order them individually to augment your current set or build a completely unique combination from the ground up. With the XS Plain Steel Singles, you can tailor your tone string by string.

Constructed With High Carbon Steel for a Distinct Voice

The XS Plain Steel Singles begin with high carbon steel at their core, chosen for its vibrant tone. Compared to nickel-plated steel, the high carbon steel produces a brighter, more defined sound with enhanced note separation. Musicians who want more "cut" for leads will appreciate the XS Singles' crisp articulation and present midrange. The high carbon steel construction also yields great tuning stability. You can dig into your playing without the notes collapsing into discordance.