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DEG A18-MC100 Handy Tuba Rest Standard


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A stable rest that keeps your tuba secure yet accessible.

The D. . . MC100 Handy Tuba Rest is purpose-built to provide tuba players an adjustable and secure place to rest their instrument. Its height-adjustable padded cradle is specially contoured to fit any tuba bell, keeping your tuba elevated and angled for easy access while not in use. Constructed of durable yet lightweight aluminum, the MC100 Handy Tuba Rest features a tripod base for maximum stability on any surface. For convenient transport and storage, the tripod legs fold up compactly.
Height Adjustable Padded Cradle Accommodates Any Tuba
The padded cradle on the MC100 Handy Tuba Rest is designed to securely hold tubas of any size. An adjustable height tube allows you to position the cradle at the perfect level for your tuba. The cradle pad itself is contoured to naturally fit the curve of your tuba bell, keeping the instrument balanced and angled for quick access when needed.

Lightweight Yet Durable Aluminum Design
Constructed of high-quality aluminum, the MC100 Handy Tuba Rest is both durable and lightweight. The aluminum materials provide maximum stability for holding your tuba without adding unnecessary weight. The tripod base spreads the weight of your tuba across a wide area, allowing the rest to be used on any surface.

Convenient Folding Legs
For easy transport and storage, the legs of the MC100 Handy Tuba Rest fold up compactly. The hinged leg joints allow the legs to collapse completely flat so you can easily pack up the rest and take it with you. When set up, the legs lock securely in place to properly support your tuba.
Redesigned Clamping System
D. . . has redesigned the lower knob and clamping system of the MC100 Handy Tuba Rest to provide even more secure adjustment and locking of the cradle height. The improved clamping mechanism allows for precise height positioning, then locks the cradle firmly in place for maximum security and stability of your tuba. Order the D. . . MC100 Handy Tuba Rest today.