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Dunlop Electric Variety 12 Pack Picks Standard


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Find your perfect pick among 12 tone-shaping options.

The Electric Variety 12 Pack Picks from [brand name] gives electric guitarists a versatile range of picks to shape their tone. With picks of different materials, gages and shapes, guitarists can experiment to find options suited to their playing style and sonic goals. Thicker picks in the pack provide precision and control ideal for complex single-note runs while thinner picks achieve a natural compression perfect for rhythmic strumming.

Diverse Materials for a Spectrum of Tones
The variety pack contains picks from materials like Delrin, ultex, nylon and real tortoiseshell, each imparting a different tone. Delrin picks provide a balanced, articulate tone with punchy attack. Ultex picks produce a smooth, compressed sound with lengthy sustain. Nylon picks have a warm, mellow tone with reduced pick noise. And real tortoiseshell picks create a natural, woody tone with enhanced harmonics. With this range of materials, guitarists can shape their tone from sharp and cutting to round and thumpy.

A Gage and Shape for Every Technique
The picks come in gages from 0.46mm to 1.14mm and in shapes like standard, large triangle and jazz. Thicker gages around 1mm provide the control and definition needed for complex soloing and shredding. Medium gages in the 0.70-0.80mm range work well for most rock and blues. And thinner 0.50-0.60mm gages achieve a compressed, strummy tone ideal for rhythm playing. The variety of shapes also contributes to tone and playability. Large triangle picks produce fat, bassy tones. Standard picks offer familiar, all-purpose performance. And rounded jazz picks provide a smooth, mellow tone.

Handpicked for Electric Instruments
Each pick in the variety pack was carefully selected to complement the tone and playability of electric guitars and basses. So no matter which pick you choose, you can achieve a sound suited to the nuances of your electric instrument. The range of options gives you the freedom to change your tone simply by changing picks—no adjustments to your amp or pedalboard required. Find your perfect pick among the 12 tone-shaping options in this essential variety pack for electric guitarists.

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