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Dunlop Nylon Standard Guitar Pick .46 mm 1 Dozen


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A time-tested pick for versatile play.

The Dunlop Nylon Standard pick is a legendary choice for guitarists seeking a durable yet comfortable pick. Dunlop Manufacturing has produced this standard pick since 1975, relied upon by professionals worldwide for its resilience and variety. You'll have your choice of gage from thin for delicate acoustic work to thick for an aggressive rock attack.
Legendary Durability for Consistent Performance
The Dunlop Nylon Standard pick is renowned for its durability. Molded from high-quality nylon, this pick maintains its shape through hours of play. The material is strong yet flexible, producing a consistent tone and feel over time. You'll enjoy the same familiar pick day after day without worrying about wear or breakage.

A Gage for Every Style
With gages ranging from .46mm to 1.14mm, the Dunlop Nylon Standard accommodates any playing style. Thinner gages are ideal for strumming acoustic guitars with a warm, rounded tone. Medium gages provide versatility for both chords and single notes. Heavier gages have a stiff, textured feel perfect for aggressive rock guitar with articulate single notes and power chords.

Comfortable, Controlled Grip
A molded, beveled edge and textured surface provide an ergonomic grip on the Dunlop Nylon Standard pick. The beveled edge smoothly glides along guitar strings while the textured surface prevents slipping, even with a firm grip or energetic strumming. You'll maintain complete control and comfort through any style of play.

The Trusted Standard Since 1975
For over 40 years, the Dunlop Nylon Standard pick has been the choice of professionals worldwide. Its time-tested design and quality have made it a standard in the music industry. When you choose this pick, you're choosing a legend with a proven track record of performance and tone.

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