Go wireless for acoustic-electronic drumming versatility.

The DWe wireless acoustic-electronic convertible bass drum fuses DW's signature sound with groundbreaking technology for drummers seeking flexibility. Blending the authentic tone of DW's handcrafted shells with proprietary electronics, the bass drum features a traditional acoustic build with the added benefit of wireless triggering. The drum converts easily between acoustic and low-volume electronic modes using the included mesh and Mylar heads. The bass drum's pure North American maple shell provides the renowned DW quality and resonance. Each drum is handcrafted in California through the same meticulous process that built DW's reputation. Proprietary triggers on the shell connect wirelessly to the DrumLink hub for wide dynamic expression. Offered as an expandable component, the versatile DWe bass drum augments drummers' creativity and performance capability.

Pure Maple Shell Delivers Legendary DW Sound

The DWe bass drum features DW's trademark maple shell construction for optimal resonance and sustain. Built from 100-percent North American hard rock maple plies in DW's patented vertical, low timbre orientation, the drum produces the balanced punch and open tone that defines the DW sound. The traditional VLT design allows the shell to resonate freely for enhanced low end and attack. With hand-selected wood and meticulous attention to detail, DW crafts each shell in California to their exacting standards. The result is a bass drum with the same legendary quality drummers expect from a DW acoustic drum, now with the added versatility of electronics.

Proprietary Triggers Enable Enable Cable-Free Setups

The DWe bass drum includes proprietary triggers seamlessly fitted into the drum shell for wireless connectivity. The triggers accurately translate playing nuance into electronic signals for excellent dynamic response. There are no cables or pads required, freeing drummers up for unrestrained movement and self-expression. The triggers connect wirelessly to the DrumLink hub, which converts signals into MIDI data and interfaces with the included DW Soundworks software on your computer. The wireless system supports up to 30 instruments simultaneously for flexible configuration options. The wide dynamic range and tight integration of the DWe triggers facilitate natural playing feel when using electronics.

Convertible Design With Mylar and Mesh Heads

As the world's first acoustic-electronic convertible drum, the DWe bass drum ships with both mesh and Mylar heads for easy switching between modes. The transparent Mylar head provides a natural acoustic sound for live playing. The removable mesh head lowers volume for quiet practice or electronic triggering. Drummers can go from acoustic drums to an all-electronic kit simply by changing the head and dropping in the triggeron. With the DWe bass drum's innovative convertible design, drummers have the freedom to play however they want, whenever they want. As an add-on component, it also allows endless configuration options when paired with additional DWe drums.

Expand Your Creative Capabilities

As part of DW's groundbreaking DWe series, the acoustic-electronic convertible bass drum opens creative possibilities for drummers. With wireless capability and a convertible design, it empowers drummers with the flexibility to play acoustically or electronically on a single drum. The bass drum's premium maple shell delivers DW's signature sound, while the proprietary triggers facilitate dynamic expression and wide range.


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