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Ernie Ball 2836 Slinky 5-String Bass Strings Standard


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Versatile strings delivering balanced tone and clarity.

The Ernie Ball 2836 Regular Slinky 5-String Bass Strings offer a popular roundwound string set designed for maximum vibrancy and playing comfort. Made in the USA using specially formulated alloys, these nickel-plated steel strings are built to last while producing a balanced, punchy tone suitable for any genre or technique. The .045-.130 gage is a versatile, all-purpose choice for any bassist.

Roundwound Construction Provides Clear, Articulate Sound
The roundwound design wraps nickel-plated steel tightly around a tin-plated steel core, creating strings that cut through the mix with clarity and definition. Each note rings true, allowing your unique playing style and phrasing to shine through. Whether you favor fingerstyle funk or aggressive rock, these strings have the bandwidth to handle it all.

Trusted Brand Used by Rock Legends
Ernie Ball pioneered the lighter-gage electric guitar string, paving the way for rock music as we know it. Icons like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Steve Vai have been longtime Slinky players, relying on these strings to achieve their legendary tones. You're in good company with a set of Regular Slinky bass strings on your instrument.

Made in the USA Using Superior Materials
Ernie Ball proudly manufactures all Slinky bass strings in Southern California using the finest raw materials under strict quality controls. The end result are strings that not only sound great but also feel smooth under your fingers, with a highly durable, non-corrosive wrap wire that will keep your tone consistent through many hours of playing. You can count on these strings to perform on stage and in the studio.

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