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Fender Magic Fretboard Oil Standard


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A natural oil that deeply conditions fretboards.

The Fender Magic Fretboard Oil is an effective fretboard cleaner formulated from natural plant oils. Gentle yet thorough, it soaks deep into the wood to lift dirt and grime without leaving behind excess moisture. This allows your instrument's fretboard to stay in pristine playing condition. The Magic Fretboard Oil is free of lemon oil extracts that can dry out and damage unfinished fretboards over time. It's specially designed for use on all unfinished fingerboard woods, including rosewood, ebony and pau ferro.

Deep Clean With Natural Oils

The plant-based oils in the Magic Fretboard Oil penetrate deep into the fingerboard to lift away built-up grime. This natural formula won't degrade wooden fretboard like harsh chemical cleaners can over time. The oils soak through the grain while leaving just the right amount of conditioning behind. No excess oil is left sitting on the surface of the wood after wiping it down. Your fretboard is left smooth and ready for polished playing.

Nourish Wood Without Excess Moisture

While the Magic Fretboard Oil cleans thoroughly, it won't over-dry your fretboard like lemon oil can. Lemon oil extracts are absent from the formula to prevent moisture loss and potential fretboard damage. The plant oils soak in fully without leaving behind excess moisture. The wood is able to breathe naturally so your instrument stays in optimal condition.

Safe for Use on Rosewood, Ebony and Pau Ferro

The Magic Fretboard Oil is designed for unfinished fretboard woods, including rosewood, ebony and pau ferro. The natural plant oils will condition each type of wood without causing excess drying. Your fingerboard will be refreshed and ready to play after application. From dark rosewood to light pau ferro, the Magic Fretboard Oil keeps all unfinished fretboards woods looking their best.

  • NOTE: Recommended for use on all unfinished fretboards including: Rosewood, Ebony and Pau Ferro.
  • SERIES:  Care & Cleaning
  • MATERIAL: Natural plant oils

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm