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Gold Tone BSU Baritone Ukulele Strings Standard


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Nylon strings delivering robust tone and lasting quality.

The Gold Tone BSU baritone ukulele strings bring out the best in your baritone uke. With custom string gauges made from durable nylon, these American-made strings offer clarity, longevity and versatility for baritone players demanding premium quality. The Gold Tone BSU strings provide a balanced, warm yet bright tone that is highly responsive while maintaining ease of play. Corrosion-resistant packaging protects the strings and prolongs their life. The custom gauges create a rich, full-bodied sound that fills the lower register of the baritone ukulele with robust resonance. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned musician, you'll appreciate the BSU strings' playability and ability to bring out the rich potential of your baritone uke.

Nylon Strings Provide Clarity and Longevity

The Gold Tone BSU baritone ukulele strings are constructed from nylon, prized for its crisp, clear tone and durability. Nylon has less elasticity than other string materials, resulting in accurate intonation and stable tuning over time. Its smooth surface texture also means less finger noise and friction while you play. With the BSU's nylon composition, you can expect these strings to hold their tune through long practice sessions and performances. Their bright, defined sound will make your baritone uke sing.

Custom Gauges Create a Rich, Full-Bodied Sound

With custom string gauges of .023, .030, .036 and .035w, the Gold Tone BSU strings are optimized for baritone ukes. The heavier lower strings let the BSU set capture the baritone's deep, resonant voice. The custom gages deliver a rich low end along with bright, defined highs. Together, the strings produce a robust, full-bodied tone. The BSU set brings out the best of your baritone uke's sonic potential. Your instrument will sound well-balanced and highly responsive as you strum chords or pluck melodies.