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Gold Tone UGS Ukulele Guitar Strings Standard


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Custom strings designed for the unique ukulele-guitar.

The Gold Tone UGS ukulele-guitar strings are specially designed for Gold Tone's UG-10 and UG-18 ukulele-guitars. With custom gauges and high-quality bronze, these Made in the USA strings provide the clarity, longevity and authentic tone that your ukulele-guitar demands. The Gold Tone UGS strings feature an environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant package that keeps them fresh.

Custom-Gage Strings Optimized for Ukulele-Guitars

The Gold Tone UGS strings have a custom set of gauges specifically engineered for the UG-10 and UG-18 Ukulele-guitar models. The .024w, .018p, .013 and .008 diameters deliver the proper tension and feel that brings out the best in your ukulele-guitar. The custom gauges retain all the warmth and intimacy of the ukulele while providing the projection and volume boost of steel strings. You'll enjoy easy playability across the fingerboard.

Bronze Material for Clarity and Longevity

The strings are made of bronze, prized for its bright, clear sound that brings out the sparkling highs without sacrificing the rich lows. The bronze produces a balanced tone with excellent note separation. It also has a longer lifespan than other materials, staying in tune through multiple performances. The strings retain their fresh tone over time.