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Gold Tone UKS 3 Pack Ukulele Strings Standard


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Gold Tone Nylgut strings delivering bright tone and tuning stability for concert ukes.

The Gold Tone UKS 3-pack brings you a set of top-tier Nylgut strings ready to optimize your concert ukulele's potential. Crafted in Italy, these strings are tuned specifically for concert-scale ukes ranging from 17 to 19 frets. Their bright, articulate tone comes from Gold Tone's tightly-controlled nylon manufacturing process. The strings hold their tuning well even during expressive playing. With a low G string included, you can explore richer chord voicings as well as basslines and melodies not possible on a high G set. The Gold Tone UKS 3-pack strings are an easy way to get professional-grade sound from your concert uke.

Articulate Tone With Gold Tone Nylgut

Gold Tone strings are loved by ukulele players for their full, balanced tone and impressive tuning stability. They're made of a proprietary nylon composite material called Nylgut, crafted through a tightly-controlled process at Aquila's factory in Italy. This gives the strings a bright, articulate sound with clear note separation. Strumming chords rings out with a piano-like clarity. Melodies sing with a focused midrange presence. And you can dig into leads and riffs while retaining note definition. The strings also have just the right amount of flexibility for expressive, nuanced playing.

Includes a Low G String for Expanded Range

While many ukulele string sets come with a high G string, this set includes a low G instead. This lets you broaden the range of your playing. With the low G, you can create fuller sounding chords, especially when using jazz voicings and inversions. It offers a better bass foundation when strumming rhythmically. You can also explore melodies and riffs that go lower on the G string. Overall the expanded range gives you more options for chord progressions, basslines and lead playing. And the low G string has a well-balanced tone that blends beautifully with the other strings.

Concert Scale Tuning for 17 to 19-Fret Ukes

The Gold Tone UKS 3-pack is specifically tuned for concert scale ukuleles with 17 to 19 frets. This makes them a versatile choice for any builder's concert model in your collection. They'll feel comfortable and familiar on your favorite concert uke. And you can swap them between different concert instruments without needing to adjust to alternate tunings. With a tension that's not too tight or too loose, these strings bring out the best in concert ukes from any brand.