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Innovative Percussion Soloist Series Mallets Medium Soft Birch Handles


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Designed with the marimba virtuoso in mind.

The Innovative Percussion Soloist Series IP240 mallets deliver unparalleled tone and feel for elite marimba players. Featuring hard rubber cores wrapped in 100% wool yarn, these mallets produce a warm, rich tone across the marimba's full range. Their polished birch handles provide a smooth, comfortable grip during extended practice or performance.

Hard Rubber Cores Yield a Brilliant, Warm Tone
The IP240 mallets' hard rubber cores generate a bright, resonant tone with an exceptionally warm fundamental pitch. This combination of brilliant overtones and rich fundamentals allows virtuosic marimba players to coax a stunning array of timbres from their instrument. With their premium rubber and wool construction, these mallets bring out the best in any marimba.

100% Wool Yarn Wrap Enhances Tonal Qualities
To maximize tone, the IP240 mallets feature 100% wool yarn wraps surrounding their rubber cores. Wool is highly effective at dampening unwanted overtones while still allowing fundamentals and harmonics to ring through. This provides percussionists precise control over timbre and sustain. The wool wrap also gives the mallets a soft, comfortable feel during extended playing sessions.

Polished Birch Handles Optimize Grip and Control
The IP240 mallets' polished birch handles provide an ideal grip for intricate marimba techniques and dynamic control. Their smooth, natural wood feel fits comfortably in the hand, allowing percussionists to focus on expression instead of the mallets themselves. The handles' durable construction and flawless finish are built to withstand the stresses of daily practice and performance at the highest levels.


  • Hard rubber cores create a full, rich tone and warm fundamental
  • 100% wool yarn

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm