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Jones Bassoon Reed Medium Hard


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The Jones 201MS Artist Bassoon Reed is meticulously engineered for beginning bassoonists seeking an easy-to-play reed that produces a warm, resonant sound. Crafted from premium French cane and finished using state-of-the-art robotics, each reed is then hand-tested by Jones artists to ensure pitch-perfect intonation and timbre before it leaves the factory. The medium-soft 201MS strength offers a balanced resistance that makes the lower and middle ranges of the bassoon accessible for developing musicians. An essential component for any bassoonist's gear bag, the Jones 201MS Artist Bassoon Reed will have you making music in no time.

Premium Materials and Precision Craftsmanship
Jones hand selects each piece of cane based on strict diameter and density requirements to craft reeds with a rich, vibrant tone. The cane is then cut using advanced robotics for unparalleled consistency and pitch accuracy. Despite the high-tech approach, Jones artists carefully finish and wind each reed by hand. Before packaging, every reed is play-tested to guarantee premium performance and sound quality. The medium-soft 201MS strength provides a balanced resistance ideal for beginners and students.

Tested Intonation and Easy Response
The Jones 201MS Artist Bassoon Reed is tuned to A440 pitch, so you can feel confident performing with other musicians. The reed's medium-soft strength offers a flexible resistance, making the lower and middle registers of the bassoon more accessible to developing players. An easy response and balanced intonation provide beginning bassoonists control and comfort right out of the box.

A Reed for Life
While the 201MS Artist Bassoon Reed is tailored for beginners, its premium construction and rich tone make it a reed for life. As your skills progress, the reed's medium-soft strength provides enough flexibility and nuance to support more advanced techniques. For bassoonists at any level, the Jones 201MS Artist Bassoon Reed delivers a lush, resonant sound with minimal effort.