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LaBella MB550 Bandurria 12-String Set Standard


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12-string set of plain steel and silver-plated wound strings for the Bandurria.

The La Bella MB550 Bandurria 12-string set features plain steel and silver-plated wound strings with loop-ends. The Bandurria is the smallest and highest pitched member in the laud family. Mandolin-like, this tear dropped-shaped cittern has a very short and wide neck. Over the past 200 years, the Bandurria's tunings and construction have evolved in the Spanish colonized regions of the world. Today, it has 12 steel strings in six unison courses and is popular in Spain, South America and the Philippines.


  • 12-string set, 6 courses
  • Plain steel/Silver-plated wound
  • Loop-ends
  • Tuning: G#3 G#3, C#4 C#4, F#4 F#4, B4 B4, E5 E5, A5 A5
  • String gauges listed in courses from right (highest note) to left (lowest note)
  • .010P and .010P
  • .014P and .014P
  • .019W and .019W
  • .023W and .023W
  • .030W and .030W
  • .035W and .035W
  • Made in the USA with American wire
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness