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Legere Bb Clarinet Reed Strength 3.5


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The Legere Classic Bb Clarinet Reed is constructed of a proprietary synthetic material, the Legere Classic Reed produces a rich, rounded tone akin to natural cane reeds while providing unsurpassed longevity and consistency. Musicians of all skill levels will appreciate the Legere Classic Reed's stable response and reliable pitch throughout its extensive lifespan.

Peerless Pitch Stability and Durability
The Legere Classic Reed's synthetic construction ensures unparalleled durability, longevity, and pitch stability unmatched by traditional cane reeds. Its material is resistant to warping and weather damage, maintaining integrity even in extreme heat and humidity. Players can rely on the Legere Classic Reed to produce a consistent tone and pitch day after day, performance after performance.

Dark, Robust Tone
The Legere Classic Reed's thick tip and reed cut produce a dark, rounded tone with a robust attack ideal for classical and ensemble playing. Its percussive qualities provide the projection and full sound needed for marching bands and large groups. The Legere Classic Reed's tonal characteristics make it suitable for a wide range of musical applications from solo repertoire to full orchestrations.

Familiar Feel With Superior Response
While the Legere Classic Reed's synthetic material provides unparalleled longevity, its cut and measurements mimic a traditional cane reed. The result is a familiar feel and playing experience clarinetists expect with improved pitch stability, quicker response, and less variability. The Legere Classic Reed requires no adjustment period for those accustomed to cane reeds.

Additional Features and Specifications
The Legere Classic Bb Clarinet Reed comes in a variety of strengths to suit all playing styles. Additional features include availability for Eb, bass, and contrabass clarinets.

  • Cut: Filed
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Quantity: 1