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PROMARK American Hickory Drum Sticks Wood 5A


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Classic hickory heft, action and durability.

The American Hickory drum sticks from Promark provide drummers with a durable yet lightweight option for any musical genre. Made from premium hickory wood and finished with an oval-shaped tip, these 5A drum sticks produce a bold, resonant tone suited to rock, jazz and everything in between. Measuring 16" in length with a diameter of .551", the American hickory drum sticks offer ideal balance and rebound for drummers of all skill levels. Since 1957, Pro-Mark has crafted high-performance drumsticks and mallets from sustainable, responsibly-sourced materials.

Premium Hickory Construction
Pro-Mark selects only the highest quality hickory wood to produce their American Hickory Drum Sticks. Hickory is prized for its flexibility, durability, and ability to produce a wide range of tones. The dense grain of hickory also helps reduce vibration, allowing more of the player's energy to translate into sound. Pro-Mark's time-tested manufacturing process helps maximize these qualities, resulting in drum sticks with unparalleled playability and tone.

Versatile Oval Tip
The oval-shaped tip of the American Hickory Drum Sticks provides a broad, articulate attack suited to a variety of musical applications. The tip's larger surface area produces a bold, resonant tone with a focused, controlled rebound. This combination of volume and control makes the American Hickory Drum Sticks ideal for rock, jazz, funk, and pop. The tip is also durable enough for heavier playing styles like metal or hard rock.

Balanced, Comfortable Dimensions
At 16" long with a diameter of .551", the American Hickory Drum Sticks have a comfortable, balanced feel suited to most hand sizes and grips. The 5A dimensions are responsive without feeling overly lightweight, providing enough mass to produce a full tone. The tapered design also helps focus energy for efficient, articulate playing. These thoughtful dimensions, combined with premium hickory, result in drumsticks that are both dynamic and comfortable during extended practice or performance.

Responsibly Sourced, Built to Last
Pro-Mark is committed to using sustainable woods and responsible manufacturing processes. The American Hickory Drum Sticks are built to meet the highest quality standards, with each pair inspected to ensure maximum durability and consistency. Pro-Mark stands behind their products with a satisfaction guarantee and limited lifetime warranty. For drummers who demand the best in tone, feel, and environmental integrity, the American Hickory Drum Sticks are the ideal choice.