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PROMARK OBD Optima Bass Drum Marching Mallets Standard


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Available with three different size felt heads, Optima Bass Drum (OBD) Marching Bass Drum Mallets features include formed handle grip and are made with the Millennium II process. Optima endorses include Shannon Gill, Brian Gill and Terry Sanders.

Dedicated exclusively to drumsticks!

Promark is the largest manufacturer in the world dedicated exclusively to the design, production, and distribution of drumsticks, mallets, and percussion accessories. That's all they make.
The first to offer indoor marching sticks and mallets
Promark is the first drumstick manufacturer to recognize the importance of, and become involved with, competitive indoor percussion. They designed the first indoor marching stick (TXDC12i), and now offer the most extensive line of indoor marching sticks and mallets. Promark products are the "official" sticks and mallets for WGI Sport Of The Arts.