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Remo Fliptop Green and Clean Tubano Drumhead 10 in.


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Pre-tuned drum head optimized for healthcare environments

The replaceable Fliptop “Green and Clean” Tubano pre-tuned drumhead is the perfect solution for music therapy in hospitals and schools. It’s constructed with Black Skyndeep synthetic film and a unique bottom layer to create focused tone, reduce volume and eliminate overtones. Can be played alone or as a head on a Remo tube drum. This drumhead eliminates the need to tune, even after extended play or changes in weather. Plus, “Green and Clean” products are designed to withstand disinfection protocols in medical environments where infection control is essential. In fact, this entire hand drum is designed for easy cleaning with a hospital-grade disinfectant, without degrading the finish or sound quality. Recommended by board-certified music therapists and other health professionals.


  • Pre-tuned drumhead designed to play alone or on a Remo tubano drum
  • Designed specifically for hospital and therapy environments where harsh cleaners are necessary
  • Black Skyndeep synthetic film creates full bass tone without excessive volume
  • Never needs to be tuned, even after countless playing sessions
  • Recommended by music therapists for hospitals and schools