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Rico Royal Alto Saxophone Reeds Strength 1


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These high-quality reeds from D'Addario Woodwinds are made from premium grade cane to produce a rich, nuanced tone with excellent response and playability. Featuring a traditional Rico filed cut and thinner profile, the reeds offer an ideal combination of flexibility, durability and tonal consistency for saxophonists of all levels.

Premium Cane Produces a Robust, Nuanced Tone
The reeds are constructed from premium grade cane, prized for its density and resilience. This premium cane helps the reeds produce a full, resonant tone with complex overtones, ideal for any musical genre or performance space. The cane is also highly consistent, enabling reeds with identical response and pitch.

Thinner Profile and Filed Cut Provide Fast Response
With their thinner profile and traditional filed cut, the reeds offer saxophonists an immediate response with minimal resistance. The thinner reed requires little pressure to vibrate, resulting in a free-blowing feel that lets musicians articulate notes quickly and accurately. The filed cut further enhances response by smoothing the reed edges. Together, these characteristics make the reeds ideal for techniques like altissimo, overtones and fast passagework.

Strength 3.0 Suited for Most Playing Styles
With a strength of 3.0, these reeds provide a versatility suitable for most playing situations. The medium strength offers enough resistance for a full tone and solid projection, while remaining flexible enough for expressive phrasing and dynamics. Whether performing classical, jazz, rock or pop music, saxophonists will appreciate the reeds' ability to handle the technical and tonal demands of their chosen genre.

Premium Components for Professional-Quality Sound
From the premium cane to the precise filing and profiling, every element of the reeds is designed to meet the standards of professional saxophonists. The reeds undergo an extensive quality control process to ensure consistent tone, response and pitch in every reed. The result is a reed that allows musicians to achieve their desired sound with confidence at every performance or recording session.


  • Professional-quality reed for all musical applications
  • Premium grade cane for consistent response and playability
  • French filed for flexibility and fast response