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ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne Black


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Built-in bounce!

The Roc-n-Soc Nitro Throne is a drum throne that provides unparalleled comfort and support for hours of play. With its custom height range from 18" to 24", this throne suits drummers of all statures. The Nitro Throne's ergonomic seat mimics the shape of a bicycle seat to relieve leg strain, while its free-spinning seat allows you to pivot naturally without twisting your spine.

Nitrogen Gas Shock Absorber Cushions Your Back
The Nitro Throne's innovative nitrogen gas shock absorber gives the seat a subtle bounce, reducing back fatigue from extended play. The shock absorber, combined with the throne's ergonomic seat, helps drummers maintain proper posture and technique throughout even the longest jam sessions and gigs.

Roadworthy Construction for Years of Use
Roc-n-Soc has been crafting high-quality thrones since 1987, and the Nitro Throne continues this tradition of durability. Its sturdy welded base and durable hardware provide stability and guarantee that this throne will support you through years of use, from your garage to the stage. All components are backed by Roc-n-Soc's lifetime guarantee.

A Throne for Drummers of All Levels
Whether you're a beginner developing your skills or a seasoned pro, the Roc-n-Soc Nitro Throne provides the comfort and quality to support your craft. Its customized height, ergonomic seat, and shock-absorbing design reduce fatigue and strain, allowing you to focus on your playing. The Nitro Throne's sleek, compact profile also makes storage and transport simple when you're off the throne.


  • Nitrogen gas shock absorber for comfort and added bounce
  • 18" to 24" seat height
  • Bicycle design for reduced leg fatigue