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About Drum Hardware

Customizability is one of the most prized traits of a drum kit. Since stage percussion is played with the whole body it's crucial that each component be in the right location that the playing feel is ideal and that the drummer is comfortable enough to endure long practice sessions and performances. This makes properly-adjusted drum hardware a crucial part of the equation starting in the center with the drum throne - a fitting name for the drummer's own seat. The next piece of the drum hardware puzzle involves drum pedals used to play kick drums and available from most leading hardware makers including DW (Drum Workshop), PDP (Pacific Drums & Percussion), Gibraltar, Yamaha, and others. These pedals can be direct-drive chain-driven or belt-driven and the preferred choice differs from drummer to drummer.

From there two major options can be chosen: stands or racks. In a stand-based setup, drums and cymbals are mounted individually or in pairs on dedicated stands. Racks on the other hand are more complex systems in which a rack is assembled from tubular bars and joints to which the instruments are then attached. Stands carry the benefit of versatility and rapid reconfiguration while racks offer consistency ensuring the instruments are always positioned in the same way relative to one another. Both use clamps mounts and holders to attach the drums and cymbals and both may be available in bundled hardware packs that provide mounting for a complete drum set.