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Roland TR-707 Standard

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Iconic TR-707 drum machine reborn with authentic sound and modern power.

The Roland TR-707 rhythm composer lets you experience the iconic sound of the 1980s in your modern music productions. Thanks to Roland's Analog Circuit Behavior technology, this software recreation of their classic drum machine authentically captures every nuance of the original hardware. With 15 original sounds and 64 patterns from the original TR-707, as well as 43 new kits and patterns for modern genres, the TR-707 gives you a versatile toolbox for crafting vintage-inspired grooves or cutting-edge rhythms.

Iconic '80s Sound, Modernized

The TR-707's 8-bit digital sound defined the era that gave us new wave, synth pop and early electronic music. Its crisp, punchy drums and electronic tones shaped countless hit songs. Now with the TR-707 software, you can harness that iconic sound in your DAW. While it recreates the character of the original, it also provides modern features like tuning, decay and attack controls for customizing the sounds. You can even adjust the sample rate for radical sonic experiments.

Authentic Sequencer, Enhanced

The TR-707's sequencer was groundbreaking and now it's even more powerful. In the software, the sequencer gives you independent control over shuffle, accent and dynamics for each instrument. Create complex rhythms with sub-steps, flams and alternate sounds. The sequencer's drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to export MIDI and audio patterns to your DAW. Between its vintage vibe and modern upgrades, the TR-707 sequencer gives you creative rhythm programming possibilities.

Smooth Integration into Your Workflow

While the TR-707 software captures the experience of using the original hardware, it's designed to fit seamlessly into today's production process. The interface is scalable for any screen size and the plugin supports VST, AU and AAX formats for compatibility with major DAWs. Multiple outputs allow you to process drums individually. The TR-707 even works with the TR-727 plugin for complementary sounds and patterns. Whether you want retro rhythm tracks or futuristic beats, the TR-707 software brings a classic drum machine into the modern age.


  • Authentic TR-707 sound via Analog Circuit Behavior technology
  • Includes 15 original sounds, 64 original patterns, 43 modern patterns
  • Powerful sequencer with flams, sub-steps, last step, per-instrument shuffle
  • VST3, AU, AAX support, Apple silicon native