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Savarez 500AR Alliance Corum Normal Tension Guitar Strings Standard


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Composite strings designed to give you more flexibility and harmony.

Savarez 500AR Alliance Trebles Corum Normal Tension Guitar Strings consist of KF Alliance acute composite and Low Corum spun that harmonize perfectly together. The G-third string ensures a very smooth transition between the B-2nd and D-4th balance and ideally with the other strings of the range in terms of sound quality.

KF Alliance
These are strings made of composite materials of which Savarez has worldwide exclusivity. It took years of research to adapt this material to the requirements of musicians and make an outstanding product. The acoustic characateristics of these strings include great clarity, purity of sound, with high sensitivity, power, projection, and give you incredible sustain. Their features includes:
- Tensile strength
- Proficiency in elasticity and elongation
- Control of the geometric regularity of the string at any point for perfect accuracy. The rating obtained is perfectly smooth without using mechanical polishing. The control of the diameter of the sting is made during manufacture.
- Troubleshooting defibrillation typical phenomenon linked to any composite: it is the breaking of the bonds between the molecules resulting in the appearance of small surface son (until failure) under the effect of a given voltage.

Low Corum
These basses are silver spun and polished. Savarez's technological discoveries have allowed them to offer these unique, flexibile bass strings which give you a very rapid response and accuracy. Their design was based on the reduction of internal friction: the string vibrates very little sound is extended and the volume is increased.


KF Alliance
  • Fibers have the same density and the same stretching the hose
  • The density is higher than that of polyamide cords
  • Strings are thinner than nylon strings.
  • They can withstand voltages of 35kg (harp)
  • The very low internal friction between the molecules increases their service life, in addition to sustain
Low Corum
  • Flexibile
  • Response speed - comparable to that of a string of high tension
  • Rich, direct and accurate
  • Clarity
  • Increase the duration and volume sound
  • Comfortable
  • Increased expressive nature