Item #1603452 Model #11106-150-A-SB-7str

Seymour Duncan Alt.Metal Blackouts 7-String Active Mount Humbucker Pickup Black Neck


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Active pickups delivering face-melting alternative metal tones.

The Seymour Duncan Alt.Metal Blackouts 7-string active mount humbucker pickup set unleashes the tight, crushing tones that alternative metal guitarists crave. Designed for 7-string guitars, these active humbuckers take your heavy riffs and drop-tuned mayhem over the top. The Alt.Metal Blackouts shape your tone with an emphasized low end that's tight and cutting, plus biting highs without harshness. This pickup set transforms your ax into a metal machine.

Pummel With the Customized Bridge Pickup

The Alt.Metal bridge pickup retains the signature output of Blackouts while honing in on the percussive punch essential for metal. Palm mutes explode with thunderous impact. Low tunings rumble with controlled authority. The mids have an aggressive bite that cuts through a multi-guitar mix. Sustain and harmonics ring out with definition. When you need chunky rhythms and leads that scorch, the Alt.Metal bridge pickup delivers.

Balance Your Tone With the Customized Neck Pickup

Complementing the savage bridge pickup, the Alt.Metal neck pickup ensures balanced tones across the neck position. It captures articulated clean tones while remaining noise-free. Under high gain, the neck pickup comes alive with a midrange snarl and singing sustain. Together, the neck and bridge pickups form a versatile set that handles both crushing rhythms and searing leads.

Hassle-Free Installation for 7-String Guitars

The Alt.Metal Blackouts install smoothly thanks to the included mounting hardware. Designed for 7-string axes, they simply drop into place with an active soapbar mount. Soldering isn't required. Just connect the pickups to a 9V battery and you're ready to melt faces. Order your Seymour Duncan Alt.Metal Blackouts 7-String Active Mount Humbucker Pickup set today.


  • Perfect for heavy riffs in lower tunings
  • Hear a clean tone with aggressive mids and increased sustain under higher gain settings
  • Includes all necessary installation hardware