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Singin' Dog Oboe Reed Medium Hard


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The Singin' Dog Oboe Reed is meticulously handmade in Texas using only the highest quality materials. Ideal for student oboists, this reed produces a full, vibrant sound across the instrument's range. Its sturdy yet responsive construction provides stability and an even tone quality suitable for any performance situation. The Singin' Dog Oboe Reed is ideal for beginners and amateur players seeking an affordable yet premium-quality reed without the hassle of making their own.

Handmade with Care for Optimal Playability
Unlike mass-produced reeds, each Singin' Dog Oboe Reed is lovingly crafted by hand using cane imported from France, the premier source for oboe reeds. Skilled artisans expertly shape, scrape and finish every reed to achieve ideal vibration, resonance and tonal balance. The result is a reed that plays evenly and predictably right out of the box with minimal adjustment needed. While machine-made reeds may require extensive tweaking to suit a player's needs, the Singin' Dog Oboe Reed's meticulous handcrafting eliminates guesswork, allowing musicians to focus on their music rather than fussing with their equipment.

Sturdy yet Responsive for Developing Players
The Singin' Dog Oboe Reed strikes a balance between sturdiness and responsiveness well-suited for student musicians. Its durable yet pliable construction provides stability and tonal consistency while still allowing for a free-blowing, resonant sound. The reed's medium-soft strength offers minimal resistance, enabling beginners to produce a rich, full tone right away. As players improve breath control and embouchure, the reed continues to perform admirably. For oboists transitioning from a factory-made reed, the Singin' Dog Oboe Reed will be a revelation in terms of tonal quality and playability.

Available Strengths for Players of All Levels
Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, Singin' Dog Oboe Reeds have you covered. Reeds are available in soft, medium-soft, medium, medium-hard and hard strengths. The softer reeds are ideal for students and work well for most adult amateurs, providing minimal resistance and an easy tone. The harder reeds offer more projection and control for experienced players. With a range of reed strengths, oboists can choose what best suits their needs and abilities.