Item #1601353 Model #000-DFW02-00010

TC Helicon 2V 1000mA Power Supply Standard

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A versatile power supply for TC Helicon products around the globe.

The 2V 1000mA power supply provides the perfect power solution for your TC Helicon vocal effects and voice processors. This compact power supply delivers 1,000mA of power at 12V, making it compatible with a wide range of TC Helicon products. Its portable design means you can easily take it on the road or between rehearsal spaces to power your gear anywhere. The 2V 1000mA power supply comes prepared for the global stage. It includes power adapters for the U.S., U.K., E.U., Brazil and Japan. With the 2V 1000mA power supply, you'll have reliable, clean power to get peak performance from your TC Helicon equipment.


12V/1A power supply for TC Helicon products Adaptors for US, UK, EU, Brazil, Japan included Single unit powers all TC Helicon models Attach to 3rd-party adaptors for additional areas