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Timber Drum Company Extra Soft Rubber Mallets with Solid Hardwood Handles Extra Small (Soft) Red Rubber


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Extra soft rubber mallets with solid hardwood handles.

Timber Drum Company extra soft rubber head mallets with solid hardwood handles have an extra gentle sound, muted tone and softer effect that works perfectly for vibraphone, metal tongue drums, slit tongue log drums, bass metallophone, marimba, smaller gongs and even cymbal swells— anything that needs a quiet contact sound. These mallets are made in the U.S.A. by skilled experts in Nashville, Tennessee. Each solid hardwood handle is hand stained to bring out the natural wood grain before assembling the mallet head. They have 1" diameter soft rubber heads, and they measure 15 1/4" long overall. Their light weight and long length deliver outstanding balance, feel and reach. The hardwood handles have carefully rounded ends for a comfortable grip along with a high-end look, and provide a lightweight musical touch with plenty of durability. From concert percussionists to school band members and even sound therapy, yoga or meditation practitioners, these mallets can be used by any level or type of player looking to get a warm, mellow sound from their instrument.


  • Extra gentle sound with a muted tone
  • Perfect for any level or type of player
  • 15 1/4" long with 1" diameter soft rubber heads
  • Lightweight and long length