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ToneSpeak Austin 1250 12" 50W Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm


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Vintage American tone and articulation in a 12" guitar speaker.

The Austin 1250 brings pure, balanced American guitar tone to your rig. Whether you play blues, rock, country or jazz, this 12" speaker delivers the warmth and character that defined classic guitar sounds. Designed and built in the USA, the 1250 matches the round, punchy lows of a felted paper cone with the shimmering detail of a voice coil. The tailored midrange allows your guitar to shine with clarity and definition, while the 50W power rating makes it flexible enough for smaller tube combos or 4x12 cabs. For guitarists who want authentic vintage character without sacrificing modern reliability, the Austin 1250 is an inspired choice.

Felted Paper Cone Reproduces Rich, Warm Tones

The 1250's felted paper cone gives your guitar tone a smooth, musical quality reminiscent of classic American speakers. On clean tones, it enhances the warmth and body of humbucking pickups. When driven, the 1250 compresses pleasantly and sings with a sweet midrange growl. The compliant paper cone allows the speaker to breathe with your playing dynamics. The result is a natural feel with responsive attack and bloom, allowing the 1250 to keep up with faster tempos without muddiness. Its vintage-style construction brings out the soulful qualities of your guitar.

Lightweight Voice Coil Provides Crisp Highs and Tight Lows

With a 1.75" copper voice coil on a kraft paper former, the 1250 delivers detailed highs without harshness. The lightweight coil design allows it to accurately trace your picking dynamics. You'll hear more snap and definition on the attack, with a clear decay that doesn't get muddy. The rigid steel basket keeps everything under tight control, giving low notes a solid punch. While the specially shaped dust cap helps produce balanced mids so your guitar cuts through the mix. Whether you dig into crunchy overdrive or back off into shimmering cleans, the 1250's voice coil brings out the best in your tone.

Handles 50W for Combo Amps or Speaker Cabs

Rated at 50W RMS power handling, the efficient 1250 is suitable for a variety of guitar amp setups. It has enough headroom for smaller tube combos like Fender Deluxe Reverbs or Marshall Class 5s. For more volume, load it into a 1x12 or 2x12 extension cab and thanks to its high sensitivity, the 1250 sings at lower volumes for practice and recording. Its versatile power rating makes it easy to blend into your existing rig. Just plug in and let your tone come alive through this hand-built American classic.

Made in the USA for Reliable Performance

With quality components and workmanship, the Austin 1250 is proudly handcrafted in the USA. The rugged steel frame ensures durability and reliability and the specially formulated cone edge treatment improves stability while playing. Every 1250 is carefully assembled by experienced technicians using proven vintage-style techniques. So you can trust it night after night. For guitarists who want the warm, balanced tone of yesteryear with modern dependability, the 1250 is a smart choice.


  • 1.75" copper voice coil
  • 50 oz ferrite magnet
  • Tailored midrange for articulation and detail
  • Optimized for Fender Deluxe Reverb amps